When people think about working their abs the first things that come to mind are likely floor exercises. But today, we are defying the obvious and throwing caution to the wind! I bring you….a standing abdominal workout! I suppose this really is more of an oblique workout, but it uses […]

Standing Abs

Though my posts have become scant, I’ve spent an enormous amount of time thinking and reflecting on the things that are important to me, and determining what may or may not be worth sharing on my blog. For those who don’t know, I’ve officially wrapped up my interview season for […]

Hitting the Reset Button

This weekend I attended the annual American Congress of Obstetrics and Gynecologists (ACOG) district II meeting. It was held in Manhattan and had some great student centered programming, so there was no reason not to go! The morning consisted of round table discussions meant to offer advice and answer questions […]

ACOG District II

One of the privileges of being a fourth year in medical school is the ability to select rotations in specialized fields beyond the basics of third year. For me, this resulted in three months of gynecologic oncology (GYN onc) and an additional month of breast oncology. Now that I’m up […]

Fitness and Cancer Survivorship

A couple of months ago I got the news that my beloved fitness studio, Pura Vida, was converting into a yoga studio. After teaching there for 18 months, I was pretty bummed! Not only did that mean losing my go-to workouts, but it also meant breaking apart from the community […]

CKO Kickboxing and Meal Prep

A lot of medical students talk about how fourth year gives you the most flexibility and free time, but that’s definitely not true at the moment! I packed my schedule with Gyn oncology rotations at incredible institutions, and feel so fortunate to have those opportunities. And with that comes a […]

The whirlwind of fourth year plus Killer workout

After two weeks in the Medical ICU, I was moved to the CCU (coronary care unit). Most of our patients in this unit either had a heart attack or a severe exacerbation of chronic heart disease. I was lucky enough to have an attending physician who taught us so much […]

2 Weeks of CCU- Half way done with Medicine

Every single year since knowing I wanted to be a doctor, I’ve gotten butterflies for the match. This year was particularly special to me, because all of my closest friends from medical school were matching! For those who don’t know, I took a year off to teach and do research, […]

MICU and the MATCH!

I’ve spent the past 4 weeks learning as much as I possibly can about family medicine. This basically equates to learning as much as I can about medicine, in general, because family medicine doctors really do everything! I’m so impressed with the broad and far-reaching knowledge base that family medicine […]

The happy life of Family Medicine

Initially, I’d planned to write about every single week on my ObGyn rotation. Unfortunately, life got in the way as it so often does! But I will recap. I spent one week working with the Gyn Oncologist along with a few hours here and there of learning how to read […]

From ObGyn to Family Medicine

Each week on ObGyn we switch to a different service. I started in clinic and then spent my second week on labor and delivery (L&D). This meant both longer hours and a LOT more to learn! I got to scrub in on two C-section deliveries and saw three vaginal deliveries. […]

Life on Labor and Delivery