Standing Abs 275
When people think about working their abs the first things that come to mind are likely floor exercises. But today, we are defying the obvious and throwing caution to the wind! I bring you….a standing abdominal workout! I suppose this really is more of an oblique workout, but it uses […]

Standing Abs

All together! 4 of several more years of turkey trots with dad. 2
I can’t quite remember the first year I did a Turkey Trot. What I do remember is that it started with (and continues to involve) my dad. I’ve never considered myself much of a runner- and, honestly, I still don’t! I enjoy running 3-4 miles at a leisurely pace, and […]

Turkey Trot: The longstanding annual tradition

This year I’ve been lucky enough to work from home most Mondays. This usually means waking up at 6:30am for kickboxing at 7. This morning I just.couldn’ I was so exhausted from such a fun weekend! On Thursday, we had a medical school party called Osteoblast (for those who don’t […]

Home workout Plyometric Sweat Sesh

Angry panda 1
I’ve reached the final installment of honeymoon posts! This one will be long since we packed as much as we possibly could into only 2 days. While we loved every second of this trip, we both agreed that we could’ve used another week in Istanbul- there is SO much to […]

Honeymoon Part IV: Istanbul

Temple 2
Most of what I’d heard about Athens before going was “eh.” Many people advised that we not spend more than one day there, and some even told us we could skip it all together. But how could you go to Greece and never see Athens? It seemed wrong, though we […]

Honeymoon Part III: Athens

TnT ammoudi bay 2
I’ve been dreaming about Santorini as my honeymoon destination for years. Probably before I’d even met my husband. It’s the quintessential location for honeymooners and now that I’ve been there I can say from experience that This was definitely the best part of our trip! We arrived in the […]

Honeymoon Part II: Santorini

chania 1
I’m way overdue on blogging about my honeymoon (which, yes, was now almost one month ago!). There is a lot to tell, so I’ve decided to break it up into the four parts of our trip: Crete, Santorini, Athens, and Istanbul. Part I: Crete We arrived in Heraklion, Crete in […]

Honeymoon Part I: Crete

My school's booth at the exposition- I'm with two other girls from my program Kristen (left) and Lisa (right).
I’ve spent the past 5 days in sunny Orlando for the annual Osteopathic Medical Conference and Exposition (OMED). I had attended OMED in Las Vegas two years ago (click to read about it!), so it was nice to get a new perspective as a third year student. This year I […]

OMED 2015 Conference and the Research process

Our first look! 2
I can’t believe it’s already been almost one month since my wedding! Time is flying. In case anyone was wondering, I did workout the morning of my wedding. I just felt wrong not to! But I also took a two week workout hiatus while on my honeymoon 😉 These pictures […]

Wedding Day Photos

IMG_3719 1
Happy fall, everyone!! I’m officially now married and just returned from a two week hiatus on my honeymoon. Everything from the wedding weekend itself to my vacation was perfect, and I can’t wait to tell you all about it! But first things first: what I am perhaps most excited about […]

Wedding recap: Morning Prep

Next, hop both feet up and pause to hold them against the wall for 2-3 seconds, then jump back to your starting position on the floor. 1
Every so often I get excited about a new exercise and try to incorporate it whenever I can. Wall taps are no exception! Who would’ve thought a harmless wall could inflict such grueling pain?! This move is amazing for strength and core, and simultaneously manages to be plyometric! My kind […]

Weekend move: Wall Taps…and Wedding in Two Weeks!