Standing Abs 275
When people think about working their abs the first things that come to mind are likely floor exercises. But today, we are defying the obvious and throwing caution to the wind! I bring you….a standing abdominal workout! I suppose this really is more of an oblique workout, but it uses […]

Standing Abs

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Happy fall, everyone!! I’m officially now married and just returned from a two week hiatus on my honeymoon. Everything from the wedding weekend itself to my vacation was perfect, and I can’t wait to tell you all about it! But first things first: what I am perhaps most excited about […]

Wedding recap: Morning Prep

Next, hop both feet up and pause to hold them against the wall for 2-3 seconds, then jump back to your starting position on the floor. 1
Every so often I get excited about a new exercise and try to incorporate it whenever I can. Wall taps are no exception! Who would’ve thought a harmless wall could inflict such grueling pain?! This move is amazing for strength and core, and simultaneously manages to be plyometric! My kind […]

Weekend move: Wall Taps…and Wedding in Two Weeks!

Park bench lunge
As many of you can probably relate, sometimes getting to a workout class is a struggle. While I really do genuinely enjoy the challenges and new ideas that accompany a good class, I can’t help but sometimes feel like I just don’t want to go. Or maybe I wanted to, […]

The Anywhere Workout

Spartan burpee challenge 3
Good morning, everyone! It’s been quite a while since I’ve posted on the blog and I’m sorry for that! But I figured in coming back to you all it would be critical to post about something really meaningful….something truly worthwhile. And THIS, my friends, is IT.   THE SPARTAN BURPEE […]

The Spartan Burpee Challenge

Pushups. Isn’t the back of this tank awesome?! 1
This post was sponsored by Athleta through their partnership with POPSUGAR. While I was compensated by POPSUGAR to write a post about Athleta, all opinions are my own. Summer has officially arrived, and that means there will be ample opportunities to take advantage of the sunshine and stay active! There […]

Bootcamp, Beaches, and Barbecues: the Perfect Summer Day

I’m a huge fan of the Bosu Ball. It’s surprisingly dynamic! You’re not just limited to ab workouts because you can always add in balance, cardio, and upper body strength. To save myself from boredom, the Bosu really forces me to get creative with my workouts. Did you know that […]

Bosu Ball Madness

Extended arm planks; one of my new favorites! It's great for core.
You might’ve seen on Instagram that I spent the other day filming a few new workouts for you all. My parents have a cute little gym next to their garage which is perfect for shooting videos. And since I started teaching again, I’ve been coming up with some really good […]

Total Body Burn

Hybrid move: The lower body is in side plank while the upper body/chest remain in regular plank. For the last 20 seconds you add in little pulse bends at the elbows. So hard! 4
Good news! After a very long hiatus, I’ve finally filmed a new workout for you! I really will try to be better about getting more videos up, because I think they are a great tool for motivating others (and myself!) to exercise. This one in particular is inspired by my […]

Abs on Fire

Me 4
This weekend I managed to successfully get all of my grocery shopping done and plan food for the week! It’s always tricky business given the fact that a) vegetarian only meals are frowned upon in my household (and, for the record, that’s not coming from me!) and b) my fiance […]

More Meal Ideas + Pilates Workout

Rent the runway sample sale 2
Have you ever heard of Rent the Runway? I hadn’t until just a few months ago. It’s a website that allows you to rent designer gowns that wouldn’t ordinarily be affordable. That floor length gown you might need for an organization gala, charity event, or black tie wedding….the one you’ll […]

The 411 on Rent the Runway Sample Sale