Life on Labor and Delivery

Each week on ObGyn we switch to a different service. I started in clinic and then spent my second week on labor and delivery (L&D). This meant both longer hours and a LOT more to learn!

All smiles on L&D!

All smiles on L&D!

I got to scrub in on two C-section deliveries and saw three vaginal deliveries. A lot of the babies that week seemed to want to come at night! Mostly my role on the floor consisted of seeing patients in triage, getting their history, and helping to determine whether they needed admission. A lot of times women come to the hospital thinking they are in labor- when they are in “false” labor. How do you tell the difference? In true labor, contractions will be very regular, and will get progressively stronger with shorter intervals in-between. In false labor, contractions are sporadic/irregular, with longer intervals without changing intensity.

What I loved most about L&D is seeing how happy and excited the new moms were. Even those women who were in dangerous or difficult clinical situations still stayed positive and focused on looking forward to the arrival of their new babies.

Second favorite thing? Probably this view:

Hospital view

But seriously, I’m learning so much!!

As for food/fitness, this week was especially tough. Three nights 6am-8pm, a weekend shift, and two nights 6am-4pm left little time for other things! Even the days I was home by 4 it was so.difficult to get myself to do anything other than fall into bed. I did plan ahead for that, though. All meals were fast and easy, and I managed to squeeze in three workouts.

A few of my favorites:

I’ve still been able to keep teaching kickboxing on Saturdays, but I really miss teaching during the week. Recently I’ve done most of my workouts at home with some help from YouTube. I still struggle with finding really challenging workouts, but BodyrockTv is one that never fails! Any suggestions?


Have I mentioned I love this rotation?? 😉




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