From ObGyn to Family Medicine

Initially, I’d planned to write about every single week on my ObGyn rotation. Unfortunately, life got in the way as it so often does! But I will recap.

I spent one week working with the Gyn Oncologist along with a few hours here and there of learning how to read obstetric sonograms. I think this was definitely my favorite week 1) because I learned SO much and 2) because of how dynamic my days were. One of the things I love most about ObGyn is the ability to spend one day in the hospital, the next in the office, and another in the operating room. Working with the oncologist also meant that office days involved more procedures (colposcopies, endometrial biopsies). This week I really improved on my note writing and my confidence while speaking with patients. Getting to see and do a lot as a student really helps!

My last two weeks were in the OR (operating room) and on night float. I got to see a lot of surgeries during my OR week, and met a ton of new patients. I really enjoyed this week because as a student, you have a lot more time to spend with the patient than the doctors do. My role was mostly to get to know my patients and try to keep them calm and at ease before their surgery. I think this helps a lot because surgery can be a very scary thing!

My last week was spent on night float where I got to see and do the most. I love going on consult calls with the residents because you get to see patients with more unusual complaints. I learned about something called Vanishing Twin Syndrome, where very early on in a twin pregnancy, one of the babies gets “reabsorbed” into the placenta instead of forming a fetus. There have been reported cases where the vanished twin looks like it’s flattened onto the placenta- this is called fetus papyraceus (like papyrus paper). The remaining twin is born healthy, and in many cases doctors and patients have no idea there was a twin present to begin with.

As for the gym and meals, I was able to keep them up. I planned ahead for nights especially, and would sleep from 9am-3pm, then hit the gym and head back to the hospital around 7:30pm. I actually did a lot of kickboxing that week:

Screen Shot 2016-02-19 at 8.05.58 PM

I also did these amazing bodyrock HIIT workouts in the mornings. I was so sore from all the glute work!! I used lots of these ideas in my own classes last week.

I’ve also found some great fast easy meal options. This Sticky Coconut Chicken has been my recent favorite, but if you want other ideas you can head over to my Pinterest board and follow my recipe pins!

I used the same marinade for the chicken to cook my rice and it was perfection!

I used the same marinade for the chicken to cook my rice and it was perfection!

After ObGyn, I’ve since moved on to Family Medicine. I’m really enjoying all of the learning opportunities and especially love when we get ObGyn patients! I’ll be sure to blog about the details in upcoming weeks.

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