ACOG District II

This weekend I attended the annual American Congress of Obstetrics and Gynecologists (ACOG) district II meeting. It was held in Manhattan and had some great student centered programming, so there was no reason not to go!


The morning consisted of round table discussions meant to offer advice and answer questions related to particular areas of work and life in Ob/Gyn. I ended up at the “applying to residency” table with several other students, and we all benefited immensely from great interview advice. We were offered lots of good tips and things to think about when making decisions about programs that will best fit our personalities.

The afternoon was filled with a few didactic and lecture sessions. I’ve been fortunate enough to spend the last month working closely with a well renowned GYN oncologist named Dr. Eva Chalas; she gave a great talk about the decision to completely remove Fallopian tubes versus the alternative and traditional option of “having tubes tied.” Not only is she an incredibly knowledgeable and compassionate doctor, but she also manages to look flawless and stylish every single day. She told me the other day that her daughters are very helpful in that regard- they started their own business called One Look Fashions where they are designing and selecting some great pieces.  She is truly a role model and inspiration to me!

The conference finished up with a great skills lab. I got to practice inserting an IUD, using a hysteroscope, manipulating laparoscopic instruments, and performing a complicated vaginal delivery. They also had suture and knot tying stations, and a game to guess the amount of blood loss in a postpartum hemorrhage by looking at soaked pads (which is surprisingly difficult! a skill that will come with time).

That isn’t me, but this shows you how cool the virtual reality training stations were!!

I always feel so inspired after conferences. Throughout the day there were many short speeches about advocacy and women’s reproductive rights. And I was surrounded by innovative, intelligent, hard-working people! These are the times I often feel like a googly-eyed fan girl 🙂

What makes you feel inspired?

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